Ties That Binds Us

Ties That Binds Us


My Singapore

Title: My Singapore School: Princess Elizabeth Primary School School Artist(s) & Class: ONG YI YING (2D) WEI YUNXI (2D) Artist Statement: The sky is not always blue. They could be grey during a rainy day. They could be red, orange and yellow during a sunset. Looking at the sky gives us hope for a good [...]


Title: Knots School: Millennia Institute Student Artist(s) & Class: Goh Si Hua (23MI01) Artist Statement: Knots. We see them in our day to day lives. In something as simple as our shoelaces, to the strong knots that hold the lives of millions in its strength; think construction workers, firefighters etc etc. However, with its commonality, [...]

We Love Jurong

Title: We Love Jurong School: Rulang Primary School Student Artist(s) & Class: Valeris Soon (3F) Clarice Tan Li En (3G) Lu Jia Yi (3F) Jovan Hoe (3F) Artist Statement: Jurong is where we stay. A small town in the West. This is where we belong. A place where many of us have fun together since [...]

Our Nation’s Musical Heartbeat

Title: Our Nation's Musical Heartbeat School: Fuhua Secondary School Student Artist(s) & Class: SOH YU MIN 1R1  TANG XIAOHAN 1R1 AINA BATRISYIA BINTE MUHAMMAD TAUFIK 1R2 DOROTHY SEAH XIN HUI 1R2 ZHANG SHIHAN 1R4 LEE ZHEN HAO 1R7 VIVIAN GOH YI JING 1R6 LUM ZI NING, CLARISS 1R5 Artist Statement: This is collage by eight [...]

Joy and Happiness

Title: Joy and Happiness School: Shuqun Primary School Student Artist(s) & Class: Nurfarah Aleesha Binte Mohamed Azmi (5C2) Jangma Htoi Seng Pan (3B1) Ling Jia An Enoch (4B2) Yang Pei (5C1) Ayumi Armani (6B1) Raiyan Bin Hamed (6B2) Shermaine Wee (6A2) Chen Xinxuan (4A3) Artist Statement: The collection of artworks celebrates the enduring spirit of [...]

Reach for Hope

Title: Reach for Hope School: Bukit Timah Primary School Student Artist(s) & Class: Alexa Jane Soo Rui Shan               4R Kylene Toh Min                               4R Victoria Xiang-Lin Lee                   4R [...]

If Space is a Happy Place

  School: Commonwealth Secondary School Student Artist & Class: Haneez Hidayah Binte Ridzwan (1 Nightingale) Artist Statement: Space is a mysterious place, full of darkness. I chose to make my outerspace colourful because it is also full of wonders yet to be discovered. I wonder if Aliens are real? If Aliens are real, I hope [...]

Secret Door in the Garden

School: Commonwealth Secondary School Title: Secret Door in the Garden Student Artist(s) & class: Saadana Selvakumar (1 Nightingale) Artist Statement: The artwork depicts a girl who found a secret door in her garden. This shows that in our life, there will always be surprises waiting for us, which makes life colourful. It is based on [...]