The Dreamers Odyssey

The Dreamers Odyssey


A Digital Patchwork

Title: A Digital Patchwork School: Lakeside Primary School Student Artist(s) & Class: Qian Muwei (3E) Nur Khadijah Mustakem (3E) Shaqeel Mika Muhammad Shaufi (3E) Ang Zi En Alyssa (3G) Sem Hui Xin Clariss (3G) Chloe Lin Keyi (3G) Sim En Hui Athena (3G) Arissa Chong Jal Xuan (3G) Adam Rizqi Eddy Aizat (3G) Artist Statement: [...]

Hopes and Dreams

Title: Hopes and Dreams School: Princess Elizabeth Primary School Student Artist(s) & Class: AISYAH ZAFIRAH BINTE MOHAMAD JAFRI (6I) CHEW XIN HUI MADELYN (ZHOU XINHUI) (6P) LIM EN QI CLAIRE (6E) Artist Statement: Our hopes and dreams for the future? To create a multi-dimensional world where we are able to explore, experiment and discover new [...]

Our School Values – D.A.R.E.

Title: Our School Values - D.A.R.E. School: Rulang Primary School Student Artist(s) & Class: On the left:              Middle top: Abdul Umar (2D)     Kelsa Chua (2H) Bai Jinyao (2D)       Chai Zong Hern (2H) Caden Tham (2D)   Arissa Hope Lim (2H)   On the right:  [...]

Colours of My Life

Title: Colours of My Life School: River Valley High School Student Artist(s) & Class: CHEN ZEE YIN (1G) CHERRELLE ONG SHI RUI (1G) CHUA XIN TONG AMY (1G) KANG XINYU (1G) KYLEE LUO ZHI XUAN (1G) LIU YILIN (1G) NICOLE TAN ZHI YEAN (1G) XIE MUYAN (1G) YEW JING YUN (1G) Artist Statement: Life can [...]

Reach for Hope

Title: Reach for Hope School: Bukit Timah Primary School Student Artist(s) & Class: Alexa Jane Soo Rui Shan               4R Kylene Toh Min                               4R Victoria Xiang-Lin Lee                   4R [...]


  Title: Hope School: Bukit Batok Secondary School Student (Class): Lim Ching Wen (3A4)   Artist Statement: I want to express a future of hope. I hope the animals and the beautiful nature can be preserved. The deer is looking forward to a future city, the bridge is the connection between  the nature and the [...]

If Space is a Happy Place

  School: Commonwealth Secondary School Student Artist & Class: Haneez Hidayah Binte Ridzwan (1 Nightingale) Artist Statement: Space is a mysterious place, full of darkness. I chose to make my outerspace colourful because it is also full of wonders yet to be discovered. I wonder if Aliens are real? If Aliens are real, I hope [...]

Secret Door in the Garden

School: Commonwealth Secondary School Title: Secret Door in the Garden Student Artist(s) & class: Saadana Selvakumar (1 Nightingale) Artist Statement: The artwork depicts a girl who found a secret door in her garden. This shows that in our life, there will always be surprises waiting for us, which makes life colourful. It is based on [...]

Hope is Ahead!

  Title: Hope is Ahead! School: Fuhua Primary School Student: Tay Yu Tong (Class 5 Hope) Artist Statement: Everybody will face difficulties in life. It could be stressed from your exams, having no friends, not meeting deadlines, or not meeting your parents’ expectations. These are just hurdles which will make us stronger. So when you [...]

The Happy Little Family

  Title: The Happy Little Family School: Fuhua Primary School Student: Muhammad Nuh Shazad Bin Muhammad Nasrah (Class 4 Loyalty) Artist Statement: This is my family. We like to do things and go out together. We love the nature so we like to go to the park to play and enjoy the beautiful nature in [...]


Title: Wanderlust School: Millennia Institute Student Artist: Zhou Xinyu (Class 23MI03) Artist Statement: This digital work was inspired by the history of Iberian voyage in which the characters seen in the works are personifications of Spain and Portugal’s quest of finding the New World. This digital painting reflects my artistic aspirations the same way the [...]

Reach for Hope

Title: Reach for Hope School: Bukit Timah Primary Sch   Student Artist(s) & Classes: Aaron Lee Jun Ming                                              5Rsl Mohd Adam Sim B. Musa Ibrahim Sim             5R Hannah [...]