Personality Facets

Personality Facets


Every personality is composed of multiple facets.  

Students in their art creations showed their many talents and versatility in expressing their characters and emotions.  The kaleidoscope of skills in mixed mediums represents their personalities and their aspirations to strive for what is best. 

Let us celebrate our students’ rich talents, colourful personalities, and multiple personal facets.

My Secret Garden

Title: My Secret Garden School: Commonwealth Secondary School Student Artist: Carlisa Wibowo, 1Polo Artist Statement: “And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden I designed my garden to be filled with secrets, to portray that though we live in a world and society […]

My Future

Title: My Future School: Commonwealth Secondary School Student Artist: He YiTing, 1 Armstrong Artist Statement: Don’t look back! For a bright future is ahead of you! The bright colours above the character symbolises the positively around, a future full of brightness and hope.  Medium: Colour Pencil Actual size of work: 21 X 29.7 cm

The Octopus in Me

Title: The Octopus in Me School: Bukit Timah Primary School Student Artist: Danii Anjali Finlayson, Primary 6 Graciousness Artist Statement: Sometimes I feel like octopus. I often able to multi task. I develop such a skill when I was in primary 3. I enjoy trying to complete as many given task at one time. I find […]

Portraits of Yuhua

Title:  Portraits of Yuhua School: Yuhua Secondary School Student Artist(s) & class: Leong Mei Ling Amanda 306 Nursarah Binte Sahlan 305 Nurul Aisyah Binte Mohammed Zulkifli 302 Dasaradhan Shobika 305 Koh Ke Xin 301 Risyam Zaifi Bin Zainudin 304 Muhd Azinuddin Bin Muhd Abu Bakar 301 Lee Jee Dai Cheyenne 306 Aniq Hilman Bin Ika Zahary […]

My Self-Portrait

Title: My Self-Portrait School: Rulang Primary School Student Artist: Yu Ruoxi, Hayley (Primary 4B) Artist Statement: This is my self-portrait that shows the many sides of me. The lightly coloured background represents my energetic self. Hey! I am also talented in some areas too such as music, mathematics and golf. I also like to surf […]

We are Unique!

Title:  We are Unique! School: Princess Elizabeth Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Justin Lam Shi Yang (2F) Ong Yu Ting (2F) Artist Statement: Everyone is unique! We have our strengths and interests. “I like hip hop and dancing! I created a self-portrait wearing cool sunglasses and a cap. I want to learn dance in […]


Title:  MY CLOUD School: Millennia Institute Student Artist: Wong Le Yi (21MI08) Artist Statement: This is my reality. My clouds symbolises my thoughts and they are often controlling and dangerous. In my inner world, I struggle to not lose myself to my thoughts, or get trapped. Negativity exists and we should accept it to get […]

Same ǝɯɐS

Title:  Same ǝɯɐS School: Lakeside Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Clockwise from top-left Medina Putri Ismadi (5C) Rishika Thamodaran (5D) Aliyah Liyana Fayaz (5B) Tan Rui Qi Janelle (5F) Ang Xin Ying Valerie (5E) Artist Statement: Clad in our uniforms, we may look the same to you Look closer and see our differences shine through […]

In the Dark

Title:  In the dark School: Fuhua Secondary School Student Artist: Lim Yan Ning (4E3) Artist Statement: A kaleidoscope refers to having more than one perspective of looking at something. In this artwork, I would like to portray my perspective if I were a fish living in an ocean. I would find a cosy corner and lie atop […]

In a Box

Title:  In a box School: Fuhua Secondary School Student Artist: Li Zi Hong (4E3) Artist Statement:  I see myself as a kaleidoscope of colours in which I consume the memories of everyday and the things that are valuable to me such as my jewellery and they make me who I am today – a person with […]

Reflection of Change

Title: Reflection of change School: Bukit Batok Secondary School Student Artist: Sophia Friday Wang Xuan Min (1A3) Artist Statement:  This artwork is a metaphor depicting a fraction of what I perceived of what I can be. Like this vivid colours of the cloud that shows a close resemblance to a kaleidoscope where shapes, sizes, patterns and […]

Constantly Letting Go

Title: Constantly Letting Go School: Bukit Batok Secondary School Student Artist: Natalie Ng Jing Yi (3A2) Artist Statement: The artwork depicts how our medley of emotions are bottled up and endlessly rotating to let go of the negativity within. The dark butterflies flying out of the face symbolise our negative thoughts while the mushrooms symbolise […]