Langkah Serentak (Malay Dance)

MILLENNIA INSTITUTE MALAY DANCE: Langkah Serentak COMPOSER: Azrin Abdullah CHOREOGRAPHER: Abdul Yazid bin Mohamed Juhuri SYNOPSIS: The dance represents youths coming together against all odds and differences in life. Their agility represent the need to constantly move foward to keep up with time.

Harapan [Hope] (Malay Dance)

BUKIT BATOK SECONDARY SCHOOL MALAY DANCE: HARAPAN (HOPE) COMPOSER: Mr Muhd Fadli Bin Ramlee CHEREOGRAPHER: Mr Shahrul Azhar Marekan Bin Norazhar SYNOPSIS: Life during a pandemic. Hoping for a better tomorrow, back to status quo.

袖女弦韵 (Chinese Dance)

COMMONWEALTH SECONDARY SCHOOL CHINESE DANCE: 袖女弦韵 SYNOPSIS: 流动的曲线,强弱的对比,展现了少女们在袖的韵律中阴柔交错之美。 The dance exhibited the elegance of our youthful dancers through complex dance movements complementing the lyrical melody and lovely play of music contrasts.

Quintessence 倩女 (Chinese Dance)

FUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOL CHINESE DANCE: Quintessence 倩女 Choreographed by: Mr Benedict Soh Kian Leng Miss Zina Tan Xiu Qi SYNOPSIS: The performance tells of a group of ladies dancing in a garden filled with flowers. As a gentleman walks past, he is captivated by their beauty and sophistication, which are  shown through the elegant dance [...]

Geisha: A charm beneath the mask (International Dance)

INTERNATIONAL DANCE: 'Geisha: A charm beneath the mask' Music Producer/Arranger & Composer: Shahril Azlin Choreographer: Mohamed Arif Bin Mohamed Shukor SYNOPSIS: 'Geisha' was created to showcase the camaraderie of the girls as a team. It highlights the strong bonds they share with one another. As female warriors, the direction was to show the fluid flow [...]