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Performing Arts


Here, you will find a collection of selected dance, drama and music performances from Singapore Youth Festival Presentation 2021. Click on the videos to witness the creativity, vibrancy, hopes and dreams of our talented performers!

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Langkah Serentak (Malay Dance)

MILLENNIA INSTITUTE MALAY DANCE: Langkah Serentak COMPOSER: Azrin Abdullah CHOREOGRAPHER: Abdul Yazid bin Mohamed Juhuri SYNOPSIS: The dance represents youths coming together against all odds and differences in life. Their agility represent the need to constantly move foward to keep up with time.

Where the Eagles Soar by Steven Reineke (Band)

MILLENNIA INSTITUTE BAND: Where the Eagles Soar by Steven Reineke COMPOSER: Steven Reineke SYNOPSIS: Where Eagles Soar is a concert overture portraying the beauty, grandeur, and freedom of the great state of Maine. It is also meant to represent the state of mind that occurs when one realizes their full potential. As we grow and [...]

Two South American Tangos (Harmonica)

YUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOL HARMONICA: Two South American Tangos 'Two South American Tangos' COMPOSERS: A.G. Villoldo (El Choclo) + Matos Rodriguez (La Comparsita) ARRANGER: Merle J. Isaac SYNOPSIS: "The Two South American Tangos is a fantastic combination of two familiar tangos, El Choclo by Ángel Villoldo and La Comparsita by Matos Rodriguez. El Choclo which means [...]

Harapan [Hope] (Malay Dance)

BUKIT BATOK SECONDARY SCHOOL MALAY DANCE: HARAPAN (HOPE) COMPOSER: Mr Muhd Fadli Bin Ramlee CHEREOGRAPHER: Mr Shahrul Azhar Marekan Bin Norazhar SYNOPSIS: Life during a pandemic. Hoping for a better tomorrow, back to status quo.

A New Beginning by Satoshi Yagisaw (Band)

FUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOL BAND: A New Beginning by Satoshi Yagisaw COMPOSER: Satoshi Yagisaw SYNOPSIS: Through this pandemic, it demonstrates Singaporeans’ resilience - coming together to ensure that we all stay strong and safe.

故乡情 (Chinese Orchestra)

RIVER VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL CHINESE ORCHESTRA:《故乡情》 COMPOSER: 苏文庆 SYNOPSIS: 乐曲《故乡情》分为四个乐段:初秋、嘉义街景、嘉义公园、故乡情。 画作《初秋》义名(嘉义老家)画中由家中小小的客厅往外望去,大自然尽收于陈澄波先生的画布里,无论在大街小巷、公园、神社,花草、树木,白鹅与 小狗,在栩栩如生的画笔中散发出纯朴的爱与暖。 《嘉义街 景》街道上来往的人们带着孩子在路上行走的端人,充满生生不息的生 命力量,乐曲以轻快的速度充满了爱与希望。《故乡情》嘉义是陈澄波先生的故乡,他的生命由此开始,也 于此结束,这片土地带给他源源不绝的创作灵感而他奉献的是自己的热 情与生命。 以此作乐曲故情对一代美术大师陈澄波先生献上最高之敬意。 The composer expresses the highest respect to Mr. Chen Chengbo, a great artist of the generation through this song. The music "Hometown Affections" is divided into four sections: Early Autumn, Chiayi Street Scene, Chiayi Park, and Hometown. [...]

搖著槳的茉莉小六 (Chinese Orchestra)

RIVER VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL CHINESE ORCHESTRA:《搖著槳的茉莉小六》 COMPOSER: 任重 SYNOPSIS: 曲子的開始只是任重跟弟弟平時的音樂遊戲,後來就創作成屬於「三個人」樂團的曲子。以江南絲竹老板(添眼加花)與廣為流傳的民歌《茉莉花》為原型,兩首古風十足的旋律交織發展,配上現代流行音樂的和絃進行,通過旋律的變奏,不斷召喚記憶,時空隨著音樂中的波浪, 逐漸模糊界線,蕭的聲音,蒼茫的一道飛翔。慢慢遠去、慢慢遠去... Based on the ever-popular folk song ``Jasmine Flower'', the melody was improvised and coupled with the chord progression of modern pop music. Through the variation of the melody, this song displayed versatility and virtuosity of the musicians.

袖女弦韵 (Chinese Dance)

COMMONWEALTH SECONDARY SCHOOL CHINESE DANCE: 袖女弦韵 SYNOPSIS: 流动的曲线,强弱的对比,展现了少女们在袖的韵律中阴柔交错之美。 The dance exhibited the elegance of our youthful dancers through complex dance movements complementing the lyrical melody and lovely play of music contrasts.

安平晚渡 (Chinese Orchestra)

RIVER VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL CHINESE ORCHESTRA:《安平晚渡》 Composer: 朱雲嵩 Synopsis: 《安平晚渡》描述的景致為傍晚時刻安平鎮與府城之間舟舢交錯的情景,其場域在安平城、安平鎮渡口與府城大井頭、鎮渡頭之間的台江海域,約今中西區永福路以西的民權路到安平區安北路之間 《安平晚渡》depicts the scenery in Anping, China. The music depicts the scene of the pier in the evening. The enchanting melody played by the wind instruments portrays the boat sampans crisscrossing between Anping Town and Fucheng in the evening. This music is sure to calm busy [...]

Moto Perpetuo by De Silva Alicia Joyce (Angklung Kuluntang)

MILLENNIA INSTITUTE ANGKLUNG KULUNTANG: Moto Perpetuo by De Silva Alicia Joyce COMPOSER: De Silva Alicia Joyce SYNOPSIS: Moto Perpetuo means perpetual motion in Italian. The title is self explanatory as the piece is written with the idea of a perpetual pulse the moment the music begins. The piece is also generally unconventional for this unique [...]

Together Forever (Drama)

YUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOL DRAMA: 'Together Forever' CREDITS: How Jing Yi (407) Chayada Ng (308) Ariqah (306) Youn Yilin (308) Raudhah (305) Zi Hao (309) SYNOPSIS: This is a story of a family of three that experiences their only daughter growing up. Along the way, Sophie, the mother, struggles to maintain that special bond with Isabelle, [...]

Quintessence 倩女 (Chinese Dance)

FUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOL CHINESE DANCE: Quintessence 倩女 Choreographed by: Mr Benedict Soh Kian Leng Miss Zina Tan Xiu Qi SYNOPSIS: The performance tells of a group of ladies dancing in a garden filled with flowers. As a gentleman walks past, he is captivated by their beauty and sophistication, which are  shown through the elegant dance [...]

Au Joly Jeu (Choir)

COMMONWEALTH SECONDARY SCHOOL CHOIR: AU JOLY JEU COMPOSER: Clement Janequin SYNOPSIS: This is a lighthearted French song about a jolly game. The rise and fall of the canonic melodies across the different vocal parts showcases the activity and excitement during the game.

Geisha: A charm beneath the mask (International Dance)

INTERNATIONAL DANCE: 'Geisha: A charm beneath the mask' Music Producer/Arranger & Composer: Shahril Azlin Choreographer: Mohamed Arif Bin Mohamed Shukor SYNOPSIS: 'Geisha' was created to showcase the camaraderie of the girls as a team. It highlights the strong bonds they share with one another. As female warriors, the direction was to show the fluid flow [...]