I Wish…

Captured Moments


Everyone’s ideals and wishes are different. Whether it be simple things such as a walk in nature or something more complex like happiness. While this pandemic has momentarily put a stop to many things in our lives, one can always dream and wish. This part of the exhibition allows the artists to showcase their innermost desires and wishes through their own art styles. The different mediums and art styles also give the artworks personal touches too.


Title: Thrill School: Shuqun Primary School Student Artist(s) & class:Akshay M / Pr 4B1 Artist Statement: Bike racing is an enthusiastic sport that involves intense excitement in watching and competing. Some people may not like to ride bikes but when they see a bike race, they feel exhilarated. People who compete love the feeling when [...]

Happy Moments

Title: Happy Moments School: Shuqun Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Clarisse Goh / Pr 4B1 Artist Statement: This drawing portrays a girl who is trying to study but instead day dreams about all the things that make her happy. Food, reading, being with friends, sleeping and even receiving gifts. I am just like this [...]


Title: Candyland School: Shuqun Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Xu Jia’En / Pr 4B1 Artist Statement: In a child’s mind, everything is simpler and easier to achieve. Therefore, I portray euphoria in a way a kid does not have to worry about bills, overeating or how full he or she will be. The child [...]

What We Missed Most

Title: What We Missed Most School: Rulang Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Kayley Toh (3G) Alyssa Reia Tang (3G) Giselle Eng (3G) Low Yu Xuan (3G) Artist Statement: COVID-19 has changed our lives so much. We missed a lot of things during the Circuit Breaker period. We missed going out with our family, like to [...]

Little Things in Life

Title: Little Things in Life School: Rulang Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Aufa Nufael (2F) Li Ruoke (2F) Raelyn Seah (2F) Tan Minxi (2F) Artist Statement: It’s the little things in life that matter the most… Our artworks illustrated what we missed doing during the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period - from going to the beach, [...]

Circuit Breaker Blues

Title: Circuit Breaker Blues School: Rulang Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Chloe Toh Xin Ying (4G) Liu Xiyuan Jeanine (4G) Tan Heng Quan (4G) Tan Rongyu (4G) Artist Statement: During Circuit Breaker period, we had to stay at home. Besides doing school work and attended HBL lessons, we were glad that we could cultivate new [...]

Life during Home-Based Learning (HBL)

Title: Life during Home-Based Learning (HBL) School: Princess Elizabeth Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Hamza Mirza (6-Integrity) Artist Statement: My school’s art challenge gave me an opportunity to convey the story of my Covid-19 stay-home experience. I added a lot of comedic elements in this project such as jokes and puns I had shared [...]

The Things We Appreciate

Title: The Things We Appreciate School: Rulang Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Lim Xi Ya (5G) Crystalyn Er (5G) Chloe Teo (5G) Dayna Ang (5G) Artist Statement: We missed going places and doing things we like prior to Circuit Breaker period. Some of us missed going to the park where we could exercise or chilled [...]

My ‘Personal Values’

Title: My ‘Personal Values’ School: Bukit Batok Secondary School Student Artist(s) & class: Chong Xuan Yu (1A6) Artist Statement: My ‘Personal Values' depicts the items in my room. I enjoy the feeling of sleeping on a suspended bed to get a sense of freedom. The Rainbow light illuminate my room dimly, which is my prefered [...]


Title: Kites School: Fuhua Primary School Student Artist(s) & class: Elizabeth Lee – 4 Respect Artist Statement: When our country went into lockdown due to the pandemic, I had to stay indoors with my family all the time. I missed all the fun things I used to do outdoors. One of my favourite things to [...]