Future Ready

Future Ready


As technology becomes an indispensable part of our lives, works in this section reflect and address the impact of technology on our human existence at multiple levels. The works explore how technology has changed many aspects of our lifestyle, from how we live, how we interact with one another, how we make art, to even how we perceive the world around us. While technology opens up new worlds and dimensions, it also brought with it new dangers and challenges.

Lost In My Virtual World

Title: LOST IN MY VIRTUAL WORLD School: COMMONWEALTH SECONDARY Student Artist(s) & class: You Hui Yuan S2N Artist Statement: Oh the undermining control of technology on me little by little! As the school day ends, I would be lost and totally consumed in a dreamy virtual world with my mobile which seems to be far [...]

‘IRUSU’ (Fake Out)

Title: ‘IRUSU’ (Fake Out) School: Commonwealth Secondary School Student Artist(s) & class: Lim Jia Xuan S3C Artist Statement: “Irusu” is a Japanese word about this little act of pretending to be out when someone knocks on their door…because modern life today in social media has taken over without any warning and we just like distance [...]

Is Technology Polluting Art Bit By Bit?

Title: IS TECHNOLOGY POLLUTING ART BIT BY BIT? School: COMMONWEALTH SECONDARY Student Artist(s) & Class: Lim Yong Zhen S3P (Lead Artist) Daphene Lee Yun Jia S3P Wan Jia Qian S3C Zhang Wen Xin S3P Ashley Lum Xuan Yi S3S Eunice Ivan Reijian S3O A’isy Qashrina Binte Hidir S4S Nurul Hana Binte Mohamed Rafie S4O Tan [...]


Title: 2000s School: Millennia Institute Student Artist(s) & class: Oh Kai Hui (18A2) Artist Statement: 2020 is a year of change similar to the change during the year of millennium 2000s- where new way of life, language and learning occurs. This work drew inspiration from Fiona Rae’s artworks and the Kebaya costume. Modern visual communication [...]


Title: DISTANCE School: MILLENNIA INSTITUTE Student Artist(s) & class: Clara Tan Rae Yu (19A1) Artist Statement: This self-portrait is inspired by how technology has impacted the way we interact with others. While seemingly increasingly connected with the world, surrounded by memories captured via my mobile phone, I am physically alone. This reflects the virtual state [...]

Towards Utopia

Title: TOWARDS UTOPIA School: FUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOL Student Artist(s) & class: Krystal Lim Jia Xuan (4E4) Ong Xing Yin (4E3) Zhang Yu Wendy (4E3) Angeline Yu Kai Xin (4E3) Ma Mya Thee Char Tin Oo (4E2) Hu Cong Ying (4E1) Ng Yi Lin (4E3) Zou Muyan (4E2) Elaine Chai Ee Leng (4E6) Nicholas Cho Zheng [...]

One Earth

Title: ONE EARTH School: FUHUA SEONDARY SCHOOL Student Artist(s) & Class: Edwyna Lee Zi Wei (3S5) Rainer Tan (3S7) Jason Yeo Kar Meng (3S1) Karisma Luthfitanto (3S1) Chen Lemin (3S4) Tham Yong Ying (3S1) Ee Zhi Ying (3S2) Lai Jun Xiang (3S7) Kwa Jun Hao (3S7) Donovan Dua Jun Liang (3S7) Lee Dawn (3S7) Artist [...]

Different Worlds

Title: DIFFERENT WORLDS School: FUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOL Student Artist(s) & class: Lim Yan Ning (2I2) Artist Statement: This work explores the use of technology to create new art forms. The artist enjoys digital painting as it is a forgiving medium that allows her to explore her imagination freely. In art making, one can be transported [...]

I Am Here

Title: I AM HERE School: FUHUA SECONDARY SCHOOL Student Artist(s) & class: Lim Yan Ning (2I2) Lim Li Heng (2I7) Seoh Kaiyan Claire (2I4) Muhammad Hairul Bin Roslan (2I6) Mabel Ong Hui Xian (2I5) Nurul Rohayati Binte Rosman (2I6) Neo Yu Xuan (2I6) Pang Kai Ning (2I3) Tricia Yeo Jing Hui (2I5) Nicole Huang Wan [...]