Worthlessly Beautiful

Worthlessly Beautiful

Title: Worthlessly Beautiful

Student Artist(s): Nur Diyanah Alisyah Binte Azhar

Level: Sec 3

Year: 2021

School: Bukit Batok Secondary School

Medium: Colour pencil and pencil on paper

Size: 15cm x 21cm

Artist’s Statement:

This artwork shows how an organ failure patient searches for hope and the metamorphosis of their life from dullness to vibrancy. The tree, which bloomed with eyes shows how people’s awareness towards organ transplant should continue to growing like a tree so as to bring both the organ donors and patients together. The word “Worthlessly” refers to how most people would think that spreading awareness about this issue will not make a difference bu to this contrast is the word “Beautiful”, as the patients basked in the life-giving realisation of a second chance at living a life.


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Project Details

  • Bukit Batok Secondary School

  • Worthlessly Beautiful

  • 2021