W7 Cluster Virtual Choir (Year 2020)

W7 Cluster Virtual Choir (Year 2020)

In view of the continued uncertainty amidst the COVID-19 situation and its implications to existing norms, the National Day 1992 rendition “It’s the Little Things” was chosen to inspire everyone to appreciate ‘the little things’ that we may overlook in our lives. At the same time, the musical collaboration presents a great opportunity where students from the W7 Cluster of schools can work together to inspire all of us with their varied musical talents and moving voice.

Music composed by Patrick Seet

Lyrics by Ivan Chan

Instructional video vocalist: Edmund Ng Zheng Rong (Commonwealth Secondary School)

Music arranger: Lai Yuet  (Commonwealth Secondary School)

Percussionist: Abhijith Mookoni (Commonwealth Secondary School)

Audio editor: Joyden Choo Le Ian (River Valley High School)

Video editors:
Tong Jing Yuan, Magdelene (River Valley High School)
Lin Jian Ping (River Valley High School)
Huik Yuh Wen (River Valley High School)

Goh Yu Shi Joey (Lakeside Primary School)
Kaydence Tan Zi Shuen (Bukit Timah Primary School)
Naaman Lam Mun Tuck (Fuhua Secondary School)
Shi Qing (Millennia Institute)

Marcus Ng Juin Siang (Fuhua Secondary School)
Shyn Minn Wun (Fuhua Secondary School)

Luther Low Xue Yuan (Bukit Timah Primary School)
Leng Yijing (Rulang Primary School)
Ng Qian Na, Charlene (Princess Elizabeth Primary School)

Adrian Ow Yong Cheng Jun (Fuhua Secondary School)
Darren Oh Kang Zhe (Bukit Batok Seondary School)
Dyuthi Bhatt (shuqun Primary School)
Enni Sya’Nia Binte Muhamad Harry (Bukit Batok Secondary School)
Gan Xi Yee (River Valley High School)
Gerris Liaw Qi Xuan (Bukit Timah Primary School)
Goh Chen Xi (Fuhua Secondary School)
Isaac Toh Jun Ying (Rulang Primary School)
Jack Sia Yong Hong (Commonwealth Secondary School)
Nur Jafni Binte Jalil (Yuhua Secondary School)
S Kiran Kai Ren (Princess Elizabeth Primary School)
Lee Xing Rui (River Valley High School)
Lim Yong Qing (Lakeside Primary School)
Lim Yong Yun (Lakeside Primary School)
Olyvia Ong Si Xuan (Bukit Timah Primary School)
Ong Yee Teng (Fuhua Primary School)
Raelyn Seah Woei En (Rulang Primary School)
Eng Keng Jui Roxas (Fuhua Primary School)
Ryan Liang Jiarong (Princess Elizabeth Primary School)
Steve Koh (Shuqun Primary School)
Tan Xuan Rui (Princess Elizabeth Primary School)



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Project Details

  • W7 Cluster

  • Virtual Choir

  • 2020