The Vibrant School Life

The Vibrant School Life


Title: The Vibrant School Life

School: Yuhua Secondary School

Student Artists & Classes:

Fasha Nadhirah Massufian  [3 Care]

Ng Zhe Lin [3 Connect]

Ngoo Yu Xuan [3 Resilience]

Nurdini Aliah Yuslim Yanis [3 Connect]

Ong Chua Wen [3 Resilience]


Artists’ Statement:

This artwork is a collage featuring portraits of our secondary three Express students at Yuhua. It has been created using colour pencils as the chosen medium. 

The vibrant and diverse colours used in these portraits symbolise the lively and dynamic nature of school life, as well as the colourful personalities of our students.


Medium: Colour pencils / digital layout


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Project Details

  • Yuhua Secondary School

  • The Vibrant School Life

  • 2023