The Trees of Life

The Trees of Life


Title: The Trees of Life

School: Yuhua Secondary School

Student Artists & Classes:

Gloria Lam Hui Xin [1 Resilience]

Choo Jia Hui [1 Resilience]

Ayris Sophia Asri [1 Respect}

Amber Lee Zhi Yao[1 Respect]

Afra D/O Jalaludeen [1 Respect]


Artists’ Statement:

This artwork is a collage featuring secondary one students, inspired by the renowned artist Wassily Kandinsky. Titled “The Trees of Life,” this piece seeks to capture the vivid and colourful experiences of these young learners. The medium chosen for this creation is colour pencils and ink.

“The Trees of Life” serves as a visual representation of the kaleidoscope of experiences and learning that shape the lives of these secondary one students. It reflects the joy, curiosity, and creativity that thrive within the school community.


Medium: Colour pencils/ Digital Layout


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Project Details

  • Yuhua Secondary School

  • The Trees of Life

  • 2023