The Things We Appreciate

The Things We Appreciate

Title: The Things We Appreciate

School: Rulang Primary School

Student Artist(s) & class:

Lim Xi Ya (5G)
Crystalyn Er (5G)
Chloe Teo (5G)
Dayna Ang (5G)

Artist Statement:

We missed going places and doing things we like prior to Circuit Breaker period. Some of us missed going to the park where we could exercise or chilled with our families; some missed overseas trips, especially when those trips involved visiting our relatives or school learning journeys. There are also some of us who love the outdoor, particularly the nature. We also realised that we have lost an important part in our life – being close to nature. Now we are more appreciative of Mother Nature.

Medium: Mixed Media

Actual size of work: 102cm x 60cm


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Project Details

  • Rulang Primary School

  • The Things We Appreciate

  • 2020