The Fish Story

The Fish Story

Title: The Fish Story

School: Shuqun Primary School

Student Artists & Classes:

  1. Nicole Lau Hui Xin (6B2)

2.Yaligar Ashwitha (6B2)

3.Kristy Lee Shi Yi (6B2)

  1. Elise Wong Suei Yan (6B2)
  2. Ho Yiqian (6B1)
  3. Ng Sze Hwee (6B1)
  4. Wu Youran (6B1)
  5. Joie Lim Le Yao (6B1)

Artists’ Statement:

Look how awesome! We are swimming in the sea among the beautiful corals. If human stops water pollution, you can see us joining you in your snorkeling trip. See how fantastic our underwater world is. We hope that the colours will stay vibrant always. The beauty of our underwater world will definitely inspire many people to put in more effort in stopping water pollution.


Medium: Mixed Media

Actual Size: 90 cm x 90 cm


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Project Details

  • Shuqun Primary School

  • The Fish Story

  • 2023