Symphony of Colours

Symphony of Colours

Title: Symphony of Colours

Student Artist(s):

Lachlan Kwan Hing
Wynnie Tamin
Lim Yu Han
Dexter Tan Yu Cheng
Ng Yee Hsuen
Kiriel Lim
Zhi Hao
Jason Thomas Zhang
Ma Xinyue
Tara Wong

Level: Primary 4

Year: 2021

School: Bukit Timah Primary School

Medium: Oil Pastel

Size: 29.7cm x 42cm

Artist’s Statement:

Symphony of Colours incorporates the world of cubism and music. Pupils are challenged to observe musical instruments in a different perspective and unpack the parts in their own way of cubism. Using oil pastels, they learnt how to blend colours to showcase a vibrant effect on the objects.


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Project Details

  • Bukit Timah Primary School

  • Symphony of Colours

  • 2021