Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Title: Stronger Together

School: Bukit Batok Secondary School

Student Artist(s) & class:

Ivan Nyeow Zu Hong (2A6)
Nur Diyanah Alisyah Bte Azhar (2A7)
Fu Cheng Xuan (4A5)
[1st row from the left]

Artist Statement:

Amidst all the different experiences that transpire in this difficult times, one thing remains – our resilience to overcome the challenges together. As we continue to deal with changes and uncertainties, we try different ways to cope and to be optimistic by seeing challenges as opportunities for us to grow and become stronger than before together. 

Medium: Colour Pencils on Paper

Actual size of work: 250 x 150cm



Project Details

  • Bukit Batok Secondary School

  • Stronger Together

  • 2020