Title: SOAR

School: Millennia Institute

Student Artist(s) & class:

Nurul Fatin Rhyme

Shin Phyu Thant (20MI05)

Gloriana Judith Rini Augustine (20MI07)

Muhammad Ikhan B Yunos (20MI08)

Pastor Elijah David (20MI08)

Artist Statement: 

‘SOAR’ created by our Amethyst Talent Programme (ATP) Arts students has been awarded Honourable mention for the SYF Youth Station project 2022. “‘SOAR’ represents the vitality of youth, our hopes and dreams, and our everlasting perseverance to overcome our struggles with our beloved friends. This song was selected in the SYF Youth Station Project mentorship programme where we had the opportunity to be mentored by professional songwriters and composers to develop our craft. This piece was performed at the Esplanade during the June holidays.

Medium: Sound Track

Actual size of work: WAV File


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Project Details

  • Millennia Institute

  • SOAR

  • 2022