Same ǝɯɐS

Same ǝɯɐS

Title:  Same ǝɯɐS

School: Lakeside Primary School

Student Artist(s) & class:
Clockwise from top-left
Medina Putri Ismadi (5C)
Rishika Thamodaran (5D)
Aliyah Liyana Fayaz (5B)
Tan Rui Qi Janelle (5F)
Ang Xin Ying Valerie (5E)

Artist Statement:
Clad in our uniforms, we may look the same to you
Look closer and see our differences shine through
Watch us express ourselves with scissors and glue
Through this collage, we will show you what is true

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Actual size of work: 610mm (H)  x 770mm(W)


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Project Details

  • Lakeside Primary School

  • Same ǝɯɐS

  • 2022