Rise of the Recycled Robot

Rise of the Recycled Robot

Title: Rise of the Recycled Robot

Student Artist(s):

Raewyn Tan
Chloe Lim Rui Xuan
Liu Zhao
Lim Jian Ming
Ke Yi En

Level: Primary 5 & 6

Year: 2021

School: Rulang Primary School

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 80cm x 100cm

Artist Statement:

People tend to go after the latest technology and products and society continues to produce them so as to upkeep the demand. As such, lots of materials like plastic bottles, pieces of wood and old electronics are frequently used. People pay a high price for these materials, but then somehow it has no value once it’s in the dumpster. Therefore, we have created a massive robot which comes for the trash. This mighty robot is able to get rid of trash fast and recycle them without damaging the environment.


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Project Details

  • Rulang Primary School

  • Rise of the Recycled Robot

  • 2021