Reach for Hope

Reach for Hope

Title: Reach for Hope

School: Bukit Timah Primary School

Student Artist(s) & Class:
Alexa Jane Soo Rui Shan               4R

Kylene Toh Min                               4R

Victoria Xiang-Lin Lee                   4R

Victoria Jocelynne C Soedradjat  4C

Huang Eleanor Constance             4A


Artist Statement:

We must stop animal abuse! Be kind to animals and take care of our pets if we have any. Animals DO NOT have a ‘voice’. We must take the initiative to stop animal abuse for a better world.


Medium: Markers, crayons and colour pencils

Actual size of work: 34 inch x 34 inch


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Project Details

  • Bukit Timah Primary School

  • Hope for the World

  • 2023