Rainbow of Happiness

Rainbow of Happiness

Title: Rainbow of Happiness

School: Shuqun Primary School

Student Artist(s) & class: Chloe Aw / Pr 4B1

Artist Statement:

In my artwork, the background is a wavy rainbow, which is one of the things that makes me happy and excited. The rainbow also adds a pop of colour to the artwork. Other things that make me happy and excited are spread around the paper; music, a cat, a dog, my best friend, emojis, winning, my family members (my father, my mother, and my brother), presents and ice cream. Everything is outlined with black to make them bold and emphasise the things that make me happy.

Medium:Water colour pencils

Actual size of work: 29.5cm x 21cm


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Project Details

  • Shuqun Primary School

  • Rainbow of Happiness

  • 2020