Portraits of the Cyber World

Portraits of the Cyber World

Title: Portraits of the Cyber World

Student Artist(s):

Scarlett Yuan
Jasiel Tan
Jude Leong
Glenice Ting
Olivia Quek
Ng Yu Xin
Chai Qin Ying@Iffah Mahreen Chai
Renee Joy Ng
Sofie Emerissa Binte Suhaimi

Level: Primary 3 & 4

Year: 2021

School: Rulang Primary School

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 100cm x 80cm

Artist Statement:

The cyberspace has taken the world by storm. We are all so reliant on the cyber world in our lives. We live our lives virtually – making friends online whom we may not have met, doing work with others remotely, showing the world how we think and feel in our social platforms and many more things. Sometimes we cannot even differentiate the virtual world from the real world. The danger is always lurking in the virtual world and we are treading on dangerous grounds. Therefore, cyber wellness knowledge is ever important to guard and guide people on the proper use of our cyber world.


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Project Details

  • Rulang Primary School

  • Portraits of the Cyber World

  • 2021