Our School Values – D.A.R.E.

Our School Values – D.A.R.E.

Title: Our School Values – D.A.R.E.

School: Rulang Primary School

Student Artist(s) & Class:

On the left:              Middle top:

Abdul Umar (2D)     Kelsa Chua (2H)

Bai Jinyao (2D)       Chai Zong Hern (2H)

Caden Tham (2D)   Arissa Hope Lim (2H)


On the right:            Middle bottom:

Wenzel Xie (2D)      Keaton Eng (2H) 

Yap Xuan Rui (2D)  Hasan Hamzah (2H)

Ethny Zheng (2D)    Hedy Kong (2H)

Artist Statement:

Our artworks were inspired by Teo Eng Seng’s “The Net” where he used paper pulps and recycled materials to create his artwork. We used recycled materials which we could find in our art rooms. Our artworks were based on our school values – DARE, which means Self-Discipline, Adaptability, Respect and Empathy respectively. Through our interpretation of these values, we created images to represent them.


Mixed Media and Recycled Materials

Actual Size of artwork: 72cm by 42cm


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Project Details

  • Rulang Primary School

  • Our School Values - D.A.R.E.

  • 2023