Our local food

Our local food

Title:  Our local food

Medium: Acrylic

Actual size of work: 40cm X 70cm

School: Fuhua Secondary School

Student Artist(s) & class: Teow Shing Wee Troyan (3S6), Jovia Low Le En (3S6), Soon Zhenxiang Erik (3S6), Arai Maki (3S4), Vanessa Lim Zhi Han (3S4), Ong Jun Yit (3S4)

Artist Statement:

We spy with our little eyes a kaleidoscope of mouth-watering dishes that our little red dot has to offer, and we are thankful for the colours, the spices and the mix of every race and culture in one space.


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Project Details

  • Fuhua Secondary School

  • Our local food

  • 2022