Moving in Harmony

Moving in Harmony

Title: Moving in Harmony

Student Artist(s):

Wong Xana
Chang De Ying
Karthikeyan Sri Dharshini
Lee Jie Rong, Lucas
Serah Christy
Nur Naila Zafina Binte Iswandi
Harini Jayakumar
Lim Xin Yu
Loke Jia Ling

Level: Primary 6

Year: 2021

School: Princess Elizabeth Primary School

Medium: Ink on Paper

Size: 75cm X 75cm

Artist’s Statement:

Inspired by sculptural artworks of Charles McGee, we explored different techniques to turn paper into 3-dimensional forms. We discovered that this simple material was very versatile. We added our own patterns and textures to our sculptures. Playing with the arrangement, we made paper seem like it is moving in harmony.


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Project Details

  • Princess Elizabeth Primary School

  • Moving in Harmony

  • 2021