Life during Home-Based Learning (HBL)

Life during Home-Based Learning (HBL)

Title: Life during Home-Based Learning (HBL)

School: Princess Elizabeth Primary School

Student Artist(s) & class: Hamza Mirza (6-Integrity)

Artist Statement:

My school’s art challenge gave me an opportunity to convey the story of my Covid-19 stay-home experience.

I added a lot of comedic elements in this project such as jokes and puns I had shared with my classmates. For the other parts of the artwork, I took inspiration from things I used during Circuit Breaker and other projects.

I am extremely proud of my artwork as it truly shows my creativity, hard work, and emotions I felt while creating it. This was one of the biggest projects that I had done in my life and I had a very good time doing this project. Hopefully, my friends, family and schoolmates will appreciate my artwork and have a good laugh.

Medium: Digital Drawing

Actual size of work:


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