Kaleidoscope of Talents

Kaleidoscope of Talents


Title: Kaleidoscope of Talents

School: Shuqun Primary School

Student Artist(s) & class:

Aishwarya Kannan (2A2)

Aryan  Harish Nambiar (2C1)

Chen Yen Khai (2C1)

Daanya Adirah Binte M Raihan (2A2)

Li Shiyu (2A1)

Jayden Chew Yu Xiang (2A2)

Ng Sze Hui Niki (2A2)

Niu Yanxi (2B1)

Renee Chew Rui Yi (2A1)

Travis Ng (2B1)

Artist Statement:

Through our kaleidoscope, we see our different talents in various areas. It inspires us to work towards our dreams.

Nothing is impossible!

We can be High-Tech Farmers, Talented Artists or even Master Pastry Chefs. Together with passion, resilience and talent, we can live the life of our dreams.

Medium: Colour Pencils

Actual size of work: 594 x 841mm


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Project Details

  • Shuqun Primary School

  • Kaleidoscope of Talents

  • 2022