Joy and Happiness

Joy and Happiness

Title: Joy and Happiness

School: Shuqun Primary School

Student Artist(s) & Class:

Nurfarah Aleesha Binte Mohamed Azmi (5C2)
Jangma Htoi Seng Pan (3B1)
Ling Jia An Enoch (4B2)
Yang Pei (5C1)
Ayumi Armani (6B1)

Raiyan Bin Hamed (6B2)

Shermaine Wee (6A2)

Chen Xinxuan (4A3)

Artist Statement:

The collection of artworks celebrates the enduring spirit of happiness in life. Despite the myriad challenges that surround us, it is essential to embrace optimism as a guiding light. Through these artworks, we hope to inspire others to engage in wholesome activities, extend friendship to all, and nurture our environment. Together, we can cultivate a world where joy blooms resiliently, fostering a brighter tomorrow for us all.

Medium: Mixed Media

Actual Size of artwork: 94cm by 80cm


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Project Details

  • Shuqun Primary School

  • Joy and Happiness

  • 2023