I Am Here

I Am Here

Title: I AM HERE


Student Artist(s) & class:
Lim Yan Ning (2I2)
Lim Li Heng (2I7)
Seoh Kaiyan Claire (2I4)
Muhammad Hairul Bin Roslan (2I6)
Mabel Ong Hui Xian (2I5)
Nurul Rohayati Binte Rosman (2I6)
Neo Yu Xuan (2I6)
Pang Kai Ning (2I3)
Tricia Yeo Jing Hui (2I5)
Nicole Huang Wan Ting (2I5)

Artist Statement:

“I AM HERE” express students’ faceted views about technology. Even though things like our smart phones are just small tools that we use everyday, they become an indispensable part of our lives. While technology is able to bring entertainment and convenience to our modern life, it could also be abused and causes social problems such as cyber-bullying. Technology is here to stay, but we can chose how to harness it.
Medium: Digital Painting on wood

Actual size of work: 40cm X 40cm X 40cm


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Project Details

  • Fuhua Secondary School


  • 2020