Heroes in Crisis

Heroes in Crisis

Title: Heroes in Crisis

School: Bukit Batok Secondary School

Student Artist(s) & class:

Ryan Tan Yi Ren (2A4)
Geraldine Chua (2A6)
Lau Zi Suan (2A5)
Jaishree D/O Rajamoorthi (2A2)
Rachel Chang (2A4)
Nur Arinah Thaqifah (2A7)
Gonzales Nadine Maliwat (2A4)
Kristen Chang Yi Ting (2A4)
Alyss Dannissya Umairah (2A2)
[from the left]

Artist Statement:

‘Heroes in Crisis’ is the theme for the Secondary Two project during the Circuit Breaker period. Students re-discover  their understanding of nation building as they re-evaluate their concept of heroes. During the investigative journey, they were also encouraged to document their thoughts. Their diverse responses became avenues for deeper conversations with each other, allowing them to exchange thoughts and experiences, with the opportunity to listen with understanding and empathy.

Medium: Colour Pencils on Paper

Actual size of work: 600 x 300cm


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Project Details

  • Bukit Batok Secondary School

  • Heroes in Crisis

  • 2020