Title:  Embrace

Description: ‘Embrace’ is a collective series of photographs taken by our P5 aspiring photographers, featuring everyday spaces around the school during the pandemic period.

Medium: iPad Photography

School: Lakeside Primary School

Student Artist(s) & Class:

Darwisy Syazwan 5A
Mohamed Riffqi 5A
Amirah Zahara 5B
Alya Binte Muhamad Kamal 5C
Tng Yu Jie Jovan 5D
Pavithran S/O Murugesan 5E
Muhamad Rido Evian 5E
Lakshmanasamudram Adarsh Ram 5F
Tan Yu Liang 5G
Trae Teoh Hao Xian 5G

Artist Statement:

What are spaces without people?
What are people without relationships?
What are relationships without interactions?
As we rise from the pandemic,
Starting New Chapters
Adapting to New Norms
Shifting our Perspectives
We shall…
and Embrace…
The Little Things in Life.


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Project Details

  • Lakeside Primary School

  • Embrace

  • 2020