Circuit Breaker Blues

Circuit Breaker Blues

Title: Circuit Breaker Blues

School: Rulang Primary School

Student Artist(s) & class:

Chloe Toh Xin Ying (4G)
Liu Xiyuan Jeanine (4G)
Tan Heng Quan (4G)
Tan Rongyu (4G)

Artist Statement:

During Circuit Breaker period, we had to stay at home. Besides doing school work and attended HBL lessons, we were glad that we could cultivate new hobbies as well as spent time to bond with our families. These artworks are about activities we did during Circuit Breaker period. We did our work using the technique of Manga drawing (Chibi style).

Medium: Colour Pencils

Actual size of work: 60cm x 42cm


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