Blast Off and Zoom 1

Blast Off and Zoom 1

Title: Blast Off and Zoom 1

Student Artist(s):

Audrey Tan Yee Cheng
Lyssha Sim Qian Le
Zhao Siyuan
Leroy Andres Yang Mingyao
Iris Victoria Wong Ai Tong
Ong Ler Yi
Chen Weitong
Hamzah Han Zhe

Level: Primary 3 & 4

Year: 2021

School: Fuhua Primary School

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 1m x 1m

Artist Statement:

My bus shall send me to school in five seconds! My robots shall take me to my favourite places in a day! I shall strap rocket boosters to my pet turtle and go on an adventure! I shall ride a shark and explore the deep ocean and still be back home for lunch! I shall explore the world in my flying house! I shall go into the unknown in my spaceship! This OUR world of technology!


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Project Details

  • Fuhua Primary School

  • Blast Off and Zoom 1

  • 2021