Behind Our Masks Series II

Behind Our Masks Series II


Title: Behind Our Masks Series II

School: Fuhua Primary School

Student Artist(s) & class:

Lim Ming Ze (6 Respect)

Shi Qi (6 Respect)

Muhammad Nur Izzwadi Idris (6 Respect)

Dayang Nuratiqah Binte Abu Hasan (6 Respect)

Ubaidulla Haasirah Banu (6 Respect)

Ayra Arinah Binte Mohammad Rizalludin (6 Respect)

Marsha Adella Binte Omar Faris (6 Respect)

Gottumukkala Deekhsha (6 Respect)

Anna Lock Soo En (6 Diligence)

Artist Statement:

We are all hidden gems. We hide our joy, sadness and anxiety behind our masks. We have gotten so used to this way of life that we sometimes forget to take notice of how the people around us feel. Look closely and try to guess what’s hidden behind our covered faces. Sometimes, we laugh. Sometimes, we smile. Sometimes, we are just not in the mood. We are all different, yet we share something in common. We are special, confident and exciting young individuals. We bring excitement and colours to the world!

Medium: Digital

Actual size of work: 100 x 100cm



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Project Details

  • Fuhua Primary School

  • Behind Our Masks Series II

  • 2022