Are you coming, Cher?

Are you coming, Cher?

Title: Are you coming, Cher?

Student Artist(s): Rosvidiawati Binte Rosman

Level: Sec 3

Year: 2021

School: Yuhua Secondary School

Medium: Colour Pencil

Size: 28cm x 39cm

Artist’s Statement:

I am always waiting with anticipation for my next subject teachers to come to class each day. Sometimes the class gets really chaotic and becomes unbearable for me and I can’t wait for the teacher to come manage the class. Sometimes I really look forward to the lesson and I am eager for the upcoming lesson to begin. The drawing captures my view where I look forward to the appearance of my teacher.


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Project Details

  • Yuhua Secondary School

  • Are you coming, Cher?

  • 2021