A Kaleidoscope of Expressions

A Kaleidoscope of Expressions

Title:  A Kaleidoscope of Expressions

Medium: Watercolour and Acrylic

Actual size of work: 90cm by 82cm

School: Lakeside Pri School

Student Artist(s) & class:
1. Ong Xiang Ting Ashlee (4F)

2. Phan Hoang Lynn (5F)

3. Jiang Yumeng (4G)

4. Nurul Insyirah Bte Md Hairil (6D)

5. Yeo En Qi, Jerlyn (4F)

6. Leong Xi Lin Kirin (5F)

Artist Statement:

In this artwork, colours are our magical friends. Imagine reds that are as excited as children at  a playground, blues that are calm like a sleeping teddy bear, and yellows that are as happy as a sunny day at the park! We used these colors to make viewers feel different emotions when they look at our portraits.


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Project Details

  • Lakeside Primary School

  • A Kaleidoscope of Expressions

  • 2023