A Digital Patchwork

A Digital Patchwork

Title: A Digital Patchwork

School: Lakeside Primary School

Student Artist(s) & Class:

Qian Muwei (3E)

Nur Khadijah Mustakem (3E)

Shaqeel Mika Muhammad Shaufi (3E)

Ang Zi En Alyssa (3G)

Sem Hui Xin Clariss (3G)

Chloe Lin Keyi (3G)

Sim En Hui Athena (3G)

Arissa Chong Jal Xuan (3G)

Adam Rizqi Eddy Aizat (3G)

Artist Statement:

We think of pixels as digital LEGO pieces. In this artwork, we put each piece in its perfect spot to make colours and images. It is just like building our imagination with tiny blocks. Even though they are small, these blocks can tell big stories. 

Medium: Digital Media

Actual Size of artwork: 60cm by 60cm


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Project Details

  • Lakeside Primary School

  • A Digital Patchwork

  • 2023