About Us

About us

An Aesthetics Showcase by Cluster Schools, West 7


In 2015, to create greater awareness of Arts Education in West 7 (W7) Cluster Schools, our Arts teachers came together and mooted the idea of a travelling Art Exhibition where students’ artworks were exhibited in ‘pop-up’ venues in different schools. This marked the beginning of an evolving exhibition platform for our students to express their thoughts, feelings and aspirations through their artworks.


In 2017, with overwhelming response and participation from students, there was a need for a larger scale venue for the Art Exhibition. Thus, the inaugural Euphoria I, was launched at Jurong Regional Library. The annual W7 Cluster Schools Art Exhibition is now open to the public.


In 2020, the COVID-19 situation posted challenges to the launch of Euphoria IV as the physical space at Jurong Regional Library or any venues was not allowed to be used for exhibitions to prevent intermingling and the spread of the virus. Following the national agenda to push forward with the new normal, a virtual and online showcase was initiated with the theme, Little Things. Besides Art, Music and Dance performances were incorporated into the virtual exhibition hall. Thus, the shift from an Art Exhibition to an Aesthetic Showcase, of which technology has allowed for Euphoria IV to reach out to an audience not confined to the western part of Singapore, but to the world.


In 2021, the team embarked on building a permanent virtual and online platform to not just showcase the work of students and teachers, but also to help other like-minded individuals draw inspiration from the rich resources that would be stored, archived and displayed. The Euphoria for the Arts Website would be officially launched on 14 Oct 2021 together with Euphoria V with the shared theme, Celebration of Diversity, featuring the collaborative Performing Arts and Visual Arts efforts of W7 Cluster Schools. This theme was chosen on the belief that cultural celebrations foster respect and open-mindedness towards one another. By celebrating and sharing through the Arts, we gain a greater appreciation of each other and the diversity that surrounds us.


“Euphoria” as the word suggests, is not just an exciting season of the year for students and teachers in Arts Appreciation as we celebrate the wonderful aspiration and creative expressions of our students and teachers, but now, an excitement for the whole year round.


Therefore, with this collaborative online platform, we hope that more emphasis on holistic education would be made available by W7 Cluster Schools so that we could recognise and nurture our students’ artistic talents to the fullest.


NLC Aesthetics, 2021